Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's true!

Yes folks, this is not a test. We're not foolin' ya or pulling one over your heads. On Christmas Day (night, actually), I received this pretty little sparkly item to wear on my ring finger. It came complete with a bended-knee proposal to which I said "yes" to. I absolutely love the ring. I'm not a diamond kind of girl, and pearls are my favorite stone. Nick and I are hoping to have a somewhat-casual, fun wedding in July or August in upstate New York at my parent's cabin at Babcock Lake. It will be complete with swimming, boating, and some damn good BBQ. Here's a pic of the ring, more details to come soon!


marci said...

Congratulations! That's a gorgeous ring.

Jen Gregory said...

CONGRATULATIONS PATTY!! You two are the best! Can't wait for the par-tay!

See you soon my newest neighbor!!!

Seems like only yesterday we were sneaking on Prodigy afterschool on your dad's computer lol.

Amy said...

YEEEEEPPIIIIIEEEEE!!! Such happy news! I'm so glad you finally got around to TELLLING us about it! God, I nearly choked on my tea when I first read it, I was so excited!! Happy planning.....indeed if you need any crafty ideas...I'm your gal!