Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The creative juices have returned!

Last night I made my first new piece in a while, I'm going to call it "New Mommy," after my friend Kristel who just had her first baby, a little boy named Ethan. I love how it turned out, it has shades of blue with some hints of pink in it and a blue circle pendant on the bottom. I'll be posting it tonight so keep your eyes out!

Nothing like a few sales to get your juices going again. I had fun the other night doing a custom piece for one of my favorite customers, and my friend Juli from Boston purchased the Ice Skating Rink necklace. Yay for sales! We'll see what else my creative forces have in store for me.

I realized the other day that I enjoy the work I do as a grant writer for the same reasons I enjoy creating jewelry. In both cases, you're starting with nothing, a blank slate, or just a handful of random beads. In the end, you've got this great "masterpiece" that you can put your stamp on and feel proud of. Making "something" out of "nothing" is a wonderful feeling, especially when it's something like a grant that might make a difference in someone's life, or a piece of jewelry that might make a woman feel that much more confident and beautiful.


Pam said...

*Tapping foot* I went and looked at 9. I went and looked at 10:30. WHERE IS IT? WHY MUST I WAIT TO SEE IT?


Judy said...

I looked at 10:40 and it was there. And it's very, very lovely. (-: