Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm just so productive

Here is another latest and greatest. I have to give credit to my 3 y.o. newphew Noah for this one. We were in a bead store in Washington D.C. and he came over and told me "Patty I have to SHOW you something!". Being all proud of his find he brought me over to this wall display with a huge variety of German plastic and lucite beads. I'm generally not one for lucite and plastic, but these were too good and too unique to pass up. Here is what I did with them, more pics are on my flickr page. I coined it as a valentine's day necklace, but it can really be worn anytime of year. It's very sweet and feminine but the black beads give it a slight "edge."

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Traveler's Eye said...

I love the new designs! So happy to see your inspiration return. :)