Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Gerbera" Daisies

photo couretsy of Tasha Owen and theknot.com

The flower that I'm going to use as the focal point of my wedding are "Gerbera" Daisies. No, not Gerber, "Gerbera." I personally had no idea that you had to add on the extra "a" until I started tooling around theknot.com. I'd like to try to find a way to "creatively" use them in each element of the wedding, and I found this picture on the knot, courtesy of "Brittany and Steve, an Outdoor Wedding in Tacoma, WA" Why do I love it? Becuase a) it's fuschia with b) a Gerbera daisy! Perfect for the chairs or church pews. In anycase, I thought the picture would be fun and "springy" to share on a day like today when it's going to reach 60 degrees in NYC!

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Amy said...

y'know i think that fuschia ribbon is the same one i used with my dress and is the same color as my shoes....exciting!!