Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My etsy fave of the day

How can you not purchase this and eat it up? It's Gingerbread Play Dough! I'm seriously thinking of buying this for myself and leaving it on my desk at work for those "stressball" moments. "DoSiDough" even makes a "mystery color" dough, which I think would be a lot of fun. Check this perfect stocking stuffer (hint, hint) out at DoSiDough's Shop.


Nicholas said...

Didn't you learn your lesson from eating dough once already?


Pam said...

Gingerbread. Yum. I am hungry.

Hey Patty are there any sites that sort of hi-lite the coolest etsy stuff out there? I mean, how do you find this stuff??? It's hard to browse.

Patty said...

Yes etsy is getting so big that it can be overwhelming and difficult to browse. I would recommend the "Gift Guide" section on etsy- although it's been somewhat controversial as there are so many great artisans not included on there.

Also check out:

One other tip- go to sellers you like (ahem, me). And see which sellers I heart- then you can see who they heart, and so on and so on.