Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My first blog post

Well, after hemming and hawing for quite some time as to whether I should start my own blog, I decided to "go for it" after being inspired by my fellow artisans on etsy and my own sister. I thought to myself "who would read it?" and "who cares what I ate for breakfast?" Truth is I'm still not sure who will care, but I intend on posting a variety of items that will hopefully be interesting such as updates on my etsy jewelry business, websites you can waste your time on at work, things I would buy if I had more money, and maybe a fun "Friday Happy Hour" drink recipe or two. Welcome to my own little corner of the Internet!

Start out by visiting my etsy shop:
Happy Holidays!


Pam said...

Hey! I am honored to be your first comment. Well at least we know we can read each other's blogs... :-)

Amy said...

Hey, I figure I just write this stuff and someone will read if only just Andrew...congrats on the blog...I'll add you to my list and maybe get myself to post more often!

Dharma Designs said...

NICE blog!!!!